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I have no idea where my head is. I only know it still exists because it is throbbing.

To do:

  1. 1 English transcript – due tonight
  2. The last of the magazine articles – due Sunday
  3. Essay on Othello as an Aristotelian tragedy – due Monday
  4. Translation of 5-page excerpt from a Korean short story – due Tuesday
  5. Application for a literary translation fellowship – due Tuesday
  6. 2 English transcripts – due Tuesday
  7. 1 job application – due next Friday

Had to cancel doctor’s appointment and dinner date. Struggling with translation, procrastinating the articles. Actually looking forward to writing the essay, but must prioritize the translation.

All I want right now is a good sandwich. And a mimosa. 🙁

Also, with much gratitude, here’s a shout out to Yoo, my new partner-in-crime! 😉 She’s so smart and inspiring and helps me manage all of my work. Don’t know what I’d do without her.



The book I mentioned in my last update is on hold while the first issue of a magazine I’m helping to create comes together. This week is all article deadlines. Rough copy will be ready for design next week, and pretty soon, we’ll be having meetings with advertisers.

If all goes well, I might make a Project Reporting series on this venture, as it could provide some insight into how a magazine startup can begin with a handful of dedicated, creative individuals who get paid very little or nothing at all.

It’s a beautiful day today in Seoul, a sunny 68 (20) degrees. Hope everyone is enjoying it!