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This is how I prepare for summer:

  1. Clean out closet
  2. Shave legs
  3. Clean out freezer, stock with fruit
  4. Grow mint farm
  5. Make ice


Now all I need is a good summer read to go with my mojitos. Too bad most of that will be the books I’ll be teaching for the next three months.

Currently writing:

  1. #66, a poem
  2. #67, undecided


Currently writing:

  1. Issue No. 1’s Letter to the Readers
  2. Two features in the Learning section
  3. #61 (a short story)

Currently reading:

  1. 김애란 – ‘침묵의 미래’
  2. 박완서 – ‘친절한 복희씨’
  3. Kerouac – On the Road
  4. Hemingway – A Moveable Feast
  5. Solzhenitsyn – One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich


I have no idea where my head is. I only know it still exists because it is throbbing.

To do:

  1. 1 English transcript – due tonight
  2. The last of the magazine articles – due Sunday
  3. Essay on Othello as an Aristotelian tragedy – due Monday
  4. Translation of 5-page excerpt from a Korean short story – due Tuesday
  5. Application for a literary translation fellowship – due Tuesday
  6. 2 English transcripts – due Tuesday
  7. 1 job application – due next Friday

Had to cancel doctor’s appointment and dinner date. Struggling with translation, procrastinating the articles. Actually looking forward to writing the essay, but must prioritize the translation.

All I want right now is a good sandwich. And a mimosa. 🙁

Also, with much gratitude, here’s a shout out to Yoo, my new partner-in-crime! 😉 She’s so smart and inspiring and helps me manage all of my work. Don’t know what I’d do without her.



The book I mentioned in my last update is on hold while the first issue of a magazine I’m helping to create comes together. This week is all article deadlines. Rough copy will be ready for design next week, and pretty soon, we’ll be having meetings with advertisers.

If all goes well, I might make a Project Reporting series on this venture, as it could provide some insight into how a magazine startup can begin with a handful of dedicated, creative individuals who get paid very little or nothing at all.

It’s a beautiful day today in Seoul, a sunny 68 (20) degrees. Hope everyone is enjoying it!


Since the past few days, the first thing I wanna do when I wake up is write. I open my eyes, I lounge about in bed, check my messages and mail, maybe play a round or two of Candy Crush. Then I get up and start writing. And it’s the happiest way to get out of bed besides morning sex.

I’m working on a book. I’ll still try to update this blog at least once a week, but expect fewer posts in any case.

Thank you for reading my writing, and wish me luck on my first book ever. Love you all!

– – –


I haven’t posted in a week because I’ve been busy with job interviews.  A decision will be made in about two weeks, I think.

I’ve also been busy dealing with people, people who might become characters someday.

The past week has seen me taking a lot of risks and making both good and bad decisions, and the bad decisions have really taken a toll on me, so I’ve been taking it easy.  Probably won’t be writing much next week.

On the drawing board:

  1. Profiles / caricatures of two characters
  2. Compiling and editing professional writing samples



It’s lunar new year weekend (happy new year!), and I find myself busier than ever. A job interview went fairly well this week, so I have to prepare a teaching demo for next week (the second stage of the recruitment process). The position doesn’t really appeal to me, but I still have to make this demo perfect. It’s a matter of pride.

So the following are in progress:

  1. Literature and Social Studies lesson demo
  2. Essay #25, inspired by recent events in my life
  3. An important cover letter

Since the last update, there has been a major glitch with #20 (the Korean text with images), so that is on hold for now. And poem #24 is on hold as well.

Also, my friends are ridiculous:

“Please give me something and then ask that I respond to it in such and such manner. I am reactionary.” – Computer Scientist / Artist

“A man could disappear staring into the blackness of your hair.” – Intellectual Pothead



photo 1_cr

Currently working on…

  1. Researching the company I’ll be interviewing with tomorrow
  2. #20, a collaborative work of Korean words and images
  3. #24, a poem
  4. Waiting for the right day to publish #12


…and welcome to my brand-new site!  I’m very excited to launch this new blog and share my works and thoughts with you.

You can go to the About page for more on how this blog came about and peruse the Contents list on the right for easier browsing.

I’ve mostly been focusing on Project: 60 Hours of No Human Contact, and you can read the entire series here.  Now that that’s over, I hope to spend the next few weeks fine-tuning some of the prose and poetry I’ve been working on.

My goal for now is to update the blog with new content at least once a week, even if it’s only one line (baby steps, right?).  I’ll also be re-publishing old content from elsewhere.

Since I won’t be able to post as frequently as I’d like, I will be updating this news post regularly with my progress in writing and living.

Thanks for visiting, and come again!