January 31, 2013. ~9:00PM. 

I am in the middle of Project: 60 Hours of No Human Contact, which started a little more than 14 hours ago and will end February 2, 2013 6:30PM KST.

I’ve kept a blog before but only anonymously, and in an effort to start writing seriously and gradually get over my fear of criticism, I started this blog. There is no particular reason I started it in the middle of this project; it merely gave me the time to buy a domain and set up a new website.

This blog will go live as soon as the project ends. While I am disappointed that I won’t be able to live-blog it (which would be fun!), I feel it is more important to stay true to the “no human contact” integrity of the project and delay publishing until its completion. In the meantime, I am keeping records of my activities so I can share them later and use them to evaluate the experiment. Once it ends, I will be focusing more on publishing my fiction and nonfiction writing.

currently in Seoul


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