(modified from the Nov 2012 original published on another blog)

Why would I do that? she whispered to him.

He chuckled and said nothing.

She traced the prism patterns underneath them, triangle upon triangle, reds, plums, blues stitched together. The little flowers along the edges had faded and a long rip ran along the top, the part she always tugged on when she was cold. Safety pins held it together.

As she snuggled into his shoulder, a breath escaped his nostrils, landing in warmth on top of her head.

She giggled.


The sun’s tickling me.




  1. HJY said:

    anymore writings?!! i am hungry to read more of your writings!

    • n said:

      Awww, really, HJ?! Thank you! I’ve had no time to write since starting my new job. :'( So many ideas in my writing log and no time to work with them! But hopefully soon. 🙂

  2. Just liked this post on FB. Thanks for the fantastic read.

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