Project: 60 Hours Alone, Log for Day #3

I just got back from the doctor’s office, and I’m sicker than I thought, so I won’t be able to do much work on here today. Sad. ūüôĀ


12:30am:  Woke up from light sleep, had a snack, and took more meds

4:00am: ¬†Still can’t sleep. ¬†In too much pain.

10:45am:  Woke up and went to the clinic and pharmacy across the street.  Then stopped by the convenience store for microwavable food, snacks, and juice.

12:20pm:  Came back home, ate lunch, and cleaned humidifier.

12:45pm:  Blog work

1:03pm:  Paid rent, took meds

1:07pm: ¬†Reread email I received in the morning from the company I’ll be interviewing with next week. ¬†Still don’t understand why I got it. ¬†Something about “salesforce request.” ¬†I don’t even know what that means. ¬†I don’t know if I’m supposed to reply, and if so, how. ¬†I can just imagine how that would go. ¬†I’d reply, in my rudimentary Korean, sounding like a confused child, confusing them even more.

1:16pm: ¬†Can’t think. ¬†God, I hate being sick. ¬†Need to work on happy writing. ¬†Started working on poem #12.

1:21pm: ¬†Grandma’s calling. ¬†I thought my parents would let her know I’d be MIA.

1:28pm: ¬†You know what’d be neat? ¬†If you could color-code your windows in Chrome (or any web browser). ¬†

2:11pm:  Wow, only a little more than 4 hours left!  And then I can talk to people!

2:18pm:  Finished editing poem #12.  Started a new short story, a really short one.  This would be #20.

2:27pm: ¬†I think #20’s going to be in Korean.

2:43pm:  Finished first draft of #20 and danced to Icona Pop

2:51pm:  The meds are not helping.

3:13pm: ¬†Aww, it’s so beautiful out, and today’s gonna be the last sunny day for a while. ¬†Wish I could go out. ¬†ūüôĀ

3:17pm: ¬†Can’t find the perfect header image. ¬†Might have to draw something myself later on, or have a friend do it.

5:03pm:  Almost done with final touches on blog

5:12pm: ¬†Message from friend. ¬†Want to reply and tell him all about this site! ¬†But can’t! ¬†One hour and 14 minutes to go…

5:31pm: ¬†Needed to kill time. ¬†Straightened hair. ¬†I can’t wait to go back to having straight hair.

6:28pm:  Preparing to launch blog!




  1. Finding a header is one of the most difficult tasks on wordpress haha. I currently have a page without one, I changed themes after making one I was happy with. Blogs make me fickle.
    Hope your meds kick in soon!

    • n said:

      Thanks, Jess. About blogs making you fickle–so true! I hope you find the perfect header soon. ^^

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