Project: 60 Hours Alone, Log for Day #2

I wonder if any of my friends or family have any idea what I’m doing while I’m under this self-imposed house arrest.  I wonder if these notes will even be useful at the end of all this.  Notes from Apt. 1215…  

2/1 ~ 2/2

2:48am:  Recorded day 1 reflection

3:42am:  Wrote some notes

3:57am:  Read a little bit

4:40am:  Fell asleep

9:48am:  Woke up smelling a gas leak.  Watched a lovely Disney short called Paperman.  Read a bit of Mixed-Up Files.

10:12am:  Went back to sleep

3:27pm:  Woke up

3:50pm:  Washed dishes, loaded washing machine, prepared breakfast

4:05pm:  Had a simple breakfast of steamed corn bread dipped in sugar and soy milk.  I should eat at home more.

photo 2

4:14pm:  Started editing last night’s log and making this log

4:20pm:  Ate my last of a special breed of citrus that is like a giant mandarin orange

4:33pm:  Received a message from one of my best friends saying he missed me too much.  Aww!  Flutter.  I miss him, too.  Downloaded the new episode of Big Bang Theory.

4:50pm:  Uploaded day 1 reflection recording and wrote post

5:23pm:  Started copying some passages by hand

5:26pm:  Received a call from a number I don’t know.  Wonder who it could be.  No good news from any employers.  🙁

5:44pm:  I’m getting a cold.  🙁  Watching BBT.  That moment between Penny and Sheldon was classic!

6:08pm:  Worked on essay #8

6:16pm:  Received an interview offer email!  Where I really want to work.  Literally jumped up and down for joy (the next best thing to telling someone!).  Replied to accept and schedule.  Prepared my suit.  

6:31pm:  Received another call from that same mystery number.  Turns out it was this recruiter!  Picked up and told him what time I’d be available and answered some basic questions.  This is exciting.  If this interview goes well, I’d be doing something very different from before.

6:37pm:  Finished work on the first draft of essay #8.  Hate the first half, and I think I know why it came out this way.  Second half is workable and going in an interesting direction, but I might have to rethink the format, maybe even the medium.  I’m thinking this material might be better suited for visual art.  Don’t know if I have the supplies needed.  I feel pretty sick and need to eat soon so I can take medicine, but I’m not hungry.  Read Heidegger for inspiration.

7:02pm:  Designed a favicon for this site using

7:17pm:  Answered another call from the recruiter notifying me of the email he sent me with instructions on preparing for the interview

7:22pm:  Recruiter called again to give me more details about the contract and working conditions.  Things seem to be a bit more complicated since this is a Korean company.  I’ve never interviewed with a Korean company before, so not sure what to expect.  Studied the company’s website as per the recruiter’s instructions.  Wow, this company is huge.  Kind of intimidated now.  Mental note:  remember to print updated resume and transfer work files to USB drive.

photo 3

7:55pm:  Prepared and ate dinner

8:30pm:  Showered and took medicine

8:50pm:  Worked on the blog more

9:18pm:  Worked on story #19

10:17pm:  This story’s crap.  And I feel very ill.

10:18pm:  Recorded tonight’s reflection.  Got ready for bed.

11:12pm:  Went to bed




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