Project: 60 Hours Alone has ended

After 60 hours of no (voluntary) human contact, I feel refreshed and calm.  I did nearly have a breakdown about 17 hours in, but I worked through it, and I felt much better afterwards.  I felt energized.

Although I had to break my rule of not talking to anyone by answering some important phone calls and making a visit to the doctor, I’m not disappointed because the point of this experiment was not to cut off all human communication, but to take a much-needed retreat and reevaluate certain things in my life.

So here’s what I learned:

  1. Life’s better when it’s slower.
  2. Sometimes it’s better to retreat within than to voice concerns.
  3. When you can’t find inspiration around you, visit your memories.

Maybe these are obvious, but they weren’t obvious for me, and though I didn’t get to write as much as I would’ve liked during this experiment, these realizations alone made it valuable. In fact, I think I’m going to set aside a time daily or weekly to do this, so I can escape obligations for just a little while and do a mental reset. Just like Sheldon and his locked room.

Old me:  “I have to talk to someone about this!”

New me:  “No you don’t. But you could write about it.”




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