Project: 60 Hours Alone, Log for Day #1

I normally don’t do daily life posts because they tend to be inane and uninteresting. However, I’m making an exception for this series because 1) it could be interesting since I’m not talking to anyone; and 2) I need to keep a record anyway to later evaluate my productivity under these conditions. I’m highlighting the instances of interpersonal communication in red.

1/31 ~ 2/1

6:42am:  In bed, trying to sleep.  Drafted automated message.

7:18am:  Oh no, I forgot to fill my prescription

7:22am:  Wrote rules for the project

7:34am:  Oh shit, I was gonna to go LanguageCast today

4:30pm:  Woke up.  Replied to colleague’s messages.  Watered plants.  

5:30pm:  Made and had blueberry pancakes, egg, coffee


6:30pm:  Bought this domain and set everything up.  Organized tea and coffee collection.

8:30pm:  Recorded project explanation.  Wrote first post for the new blog.

10:00pm:  Too hot in apartment (it gets ridiculously hot even in the winter with the windows open).  Thermostat reads 31 degrees Celsius (don’t know if my thermostat is accurate, but I’m usually comfortable when it reads 28 – 30).  Washed AC filter and turned AC on.  Had to unclog shower drain. 🙁 Put rice on the stove for dinner.

10:20pm:  Started writing this log

10:30pm:  Did dishes and cooked and ate dinner.  I haven’t cooked two meals in a day, let alone one, in a really long time.  This is a nice change.

11:10pm:  I don’t think 60 hours is long enough to be significant in any way… :/  Maybe I’ll feel different tomorrow?  Also, I feel guilty for not having worked on the story at all today.  Need to get on that after I finish eating.  

11:13pm:  I need to figure out a way to not have this blog visible to my past students who are friends with me on Facebook.  Oh no, but what if they find it through Google?  This could become a problem later on… 

11:17pm:  I’m worried I might not get enough traffic on this site.  What if no one likes it?  🙁 

11:25pm:  Cooked and stored rest of the smoked chicken because it was about to expire.  Put away leftovers.

11:30pm:  Started feeling uneasy.  Wanted to talk to people.  Is this unhealthy?  Should I talk to someone?  Tried to shake bad thoughts and hopped in the shower.

11:50pm:  A thought occurred.  Made a frozen cocktail.  Added thought to writing project list.

photo 3

12:12am:  The blogging is starting to get tedious.  I want to focus more on writing my stories.

12:17am:  Still feeling uneasy.  Getting nervous.  Browsed Facebook to see what other people were up to.  Didn’t make me feel better.  Everything felt too silent.  Turned on music.  Also didn’t help.  This is harder than I thought… Decided to work on the story for a while and talk to someone if I still felt uncomfortable.

12:34am:  Listening and singing along to “An Affair to Remember” and thinking about the scene in the movie where it is sung is calming me down.

1:12am:  Finished editing story #14

photo-21:38am:  Working on story #10, which has been in progress for months.  Getting frustrated because I still can’t figure out the ending.  I miss my friend.  He’d make me feel better right now.

1:41am:  I really want to go out for a walk…  It’s late, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone.  I want air.  Maybe a bike ride?  That would further minimize my chances of having to talk to someone.  I didn’t think about exercise!  I should really go out.  At least to the courtyard.  

1:58am:  Out in the courtyard, writing this on my phone.  It’s drizzling.  Fresh air never felt so good.  A few people are still roaming.  I underdressed for this, and it’s chilly, but that’s okay.  I still wish I could’ve gone out today.  To meet a friend.  I don’t know why this is so much harder than lazy weekends spent inside.  I wish I could ventilate my apartment better, because this air feels so good.


2:07am:  It’s cold, and I’m realizing how lucky I am.  Despite being currently unemployed, I have everything I need and can afford to spend 60 hours at home without needing anything.  

2:10am:  Life is so much better when it’s slower.  

2:16am:  Came back inside.  My god, it’s hot and stuffy in here.  This is definitely unhealthy.  

2:34am:  I’m tired so I’m going to bed.  I feel like I’ve had enough of this retreat and should go out tomorrow.  Was this a bad idea?  🙁




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